I want to write a paper on japans economy

Comparative economic system course discusses are basically three economic systems (market-based or capitalist system, the command or Communist system and the Market Socialist system as exemplified through the majority of western European economies).  The economic system in Japan is kind of unique, relying on market forces but structured more in the haibatsu or kaibatsu (combine) basis.

The Japanese economy recovered from the WWII and then boomed and prospered.  Right now its economy is less robust as it used to be but still very viable. 

Write a 20-25 page researched based paper on Japan’ Economy identifying

1)   ‘nail down’ the basic understanding of the three economic systems mentioned above — how each of the system is structured, how information flows, who are the decision makers, how well each of them functions in the shorter and longer run, respective, etc. etc.– and then compare the Japan’s unique features in its structure and functioning with the other systems.  

2)  analyze the merits and demerits of Japan’s economic performance in this rapidly increasing globalization progress.

3)  Finally, advance select recommendations for improved performance for both Japan and perhaps other economies that might benefit from your insightful recommendations

4)  The fourth paper will be for you to analyze the Japanese economic system (which has features distinct from the three major existing economic systems; then, discuss the merits and demerits of the Japanese economy/system.  



BOOK: Authors: Paul Gregory and Robert Stuart; 

     Publisher: South-Western; 

     the book title: Comparing Economic Systems in the Twenty-First century. 


4-5 Additional References should also be included:  NO PLAGERISM 



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