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I would like you to compose a paper that addresses Steps #2 through #6 below. Your paper should be a…

I would like you to compose a paper that addresses Steps #2 through #6 below. Your paper should be a submitted as a professional piece which means it should be free of spelling and grammatical errors. It should contain well-constructed sentences. You can include graphs, charts and any other content that you think is helpful and/or useful in presenting the information you are asked to present below. Please also include the financial statements that you are referring to. You can include these financial statements either as an Appendix or imbedded in the body of the report if you prefer that style of presentation. I do not have a length requirement but on average I would expect about 3 to 5 pages would be adequate. 
Step #1 
Pick a publicly traded company that is of interest to you and locate the most recent 10-K annual reports
Step #2
Go back at least two (2) (preferably 3 years) for data. You may have to pull a prior year 10-K.
Step #3
Explain what you know about this company and why you chose it.
Step #4
Explain the revenues trend. Which way is it going and why.
Explain the COGS / expenses trend. Which way is it going and why.
Identify & explain any unusual items.
Explain the net income trend.   Which way is it going and why. 
Step #5 
Identify and explain the trends for Assets, Liabilities and Equity. Please break down Common stock and Retained earnings.
What types of categories does this company have in each section of the balance sheet. 
Calculate the return on assets ratio, debt to assets ratio and return on equity ratio to analyze these financial statements…..what do these results tell you about this business?
Step #6
Cash flow statement
What can you say about the sources and uses of cash as seen on the Statement of Cash Flows?  

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