Information Systems Infrastructure – The Internet and Client/Server, Intranet & Cloud Computing

Please read Case Study 1 and write a paper to address ALL of the following discussion points:

Question:1   Do your own research, define cloud computing and its use in American public                                 education system.


Question: 2   List and comment on some of the uses of cloud solutions at New York State                                Education Department. Explain the aim of using cloud solutions in those use                              case.


Question: 3   Describe and analyze the problems encountered by the New York State                                      Education  Department when implementing the cloud solution to centralize                                 students’ personally  identifiable information (PII).


Question: 4   Identify the lesson learned from this case study for the educational institution                              and  the cloud computing industry.


Question:5    Provide TWO suggestions based on your own research, experience and                                       understanding  to address some of the challenges/issues related to the adoption of                           cloud solutions in  education.

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