intergrated enterprise information systems

assignment on enterprise information system



Enterprise Systems (IT342)

Assignment 1

Deadline: Monday, 5th of October 2015 at 11:59 pm.

Important Instructions:

1.      Read and understand the questions carefully.

2.      This is an individual work, so make sure it is your own.

3.      Search the book or other resources to have a better understanding of the questions.

4.      When you are asked to provide examples, make sure it is your own example and preferably from experience. Examples must not be identical to other students and have not been discussed in the classes.

5.      Use ‘Word Processor’ to answer the questions.

6.      Submission must be through the submission folder set by your instructor on Blackboard, no email submissions will be accepted.

7.      Late submission or plagiarism will result in ZERO mark.

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