Introduction Essay, explain a life style for the high school

Introduce yourself, both as a person and as a writer.  Introduce yourself and describe your writing experiences thus far in an informal but detailed letter to the instructor (at least 250 words).  What do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses as a writer?  What is your personal approach to writing?  What do you like or hate about writing?  You may also want to consider the quotes about writing in your textbook.  If you have the 11th edition, you can find these in the back cover of our textbook.  If you have the 10th edition, you can find these in the first chapter of our textbook (and also inside the front cover of the textbook, if you have the 9th or 8th edition).  Which of these feel true for you?  Which of these seem contrary to your experiences with (or opinions of) writing? 





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