IT Expert to help Develop Source To Target Testing Instructions

 I need an person who highly skilled IT project manager, data analyst or business systems analyst to assist me with a source to target mapping test plan instructions. I need word document that will provide me with the instructions on what the Testers need to be validating.  


As I stated, I don’t need the test plan template, I just need instruction on what they should be checking during the testing.  What should they do to execute the test plan.  Should they validate data values from the source to the target system. Should they checks the data values in the source system and the corresponding values in the target system after transformation. 


I have to created a source to target mapping test plan to provide to data owners where I am extracting their data to integrated into a data repository.  The data in the data repository will be used to display in web application.



There is an ETL process.  In the ETL there are no changing dimensions or transformation logic to the data.  The mapping is a direct 1 to 1 mapping from source to the target elements.  I 


Need it by tonight if possible or no later than 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.