Leadership Style


200 Words

Leadership Styles discussion

Think of two examples of places you have worked. Identify where the owners or managers of those companies best fit. How did the differing styles influence how well employees followed the rules?

1. Cite examples of how the leadership in these two organizations implemented and enforced policies.

2. What problem’s existed with these implementations?

3. How effective were the policies? 

TO MEET THE STANDARD Reply to the main topic in a an original post and reply to 2 other student posts. 

TO EXCEED THE STANDARD, you must actively participate in the conversation. Active participation is asking and answering questions; it’s forming an online dialog with your counterparts. If you want a C post one original and two replies. If you want an A be involved. 

NOTE: There is no word count required. Ideas / concepts / and original thoughts don’t have a word count! Get your message across logically, clearly and concisely. Nobody wants to read a long winded post or response. Keep it short.

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