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Assignment 2: Midweek Production Assignment: Analyzing Public School Desegregation

Racial segregation in public schools is a part of American history. Here, you will research its history and application under the law and apply it to a resulting state dilemma.

After a long period of racial segregation in public schools in Atlanta, Georgia, a federal court decided they should be ???desegregated.??? As a result, parents started taking their children out from public schools to put them in private ones. Now the majority of students in the Atlanta public schools are African-American. At the same time an Act was passed, which cut the property taxes in half. Because property taxes have been a key source of funds for public schools, the public education system suffered, and now Atlanta’s public education is one of the lowest-rated in the U.S.

It was also decided that there will be a $1,000 tax credit for K-12 tuition, and parents will receive a credit against their state taxes for tuition paid to private schools.

Jacob’s parents believe that the Act caused the private schools to become ???white schools??? and the public schools to become ???black schools,??? depriving their son of the opportunity to interact and integrate with all types of kids. They want to do something about the issue. They came to your office seeking a legal solution to their problem.

Your attorney asks you to search the Constitution and Georgia’s Civil Code to check whether there is a violation of any article and if the parents have the legal basis for a suit.

What claims could they bring to the court? Write a report for the file of 700 words. Focus on the state power to tax, approach to private versus public schools and constitutional rights, if any, which might be violated.

Use the following source to view Georgia’s Code and other useful information:??GeorgiaGov.


On a separate page, cite all sources according to Bluebook format.

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