Manufactoring Plant-How does the drug use in this company affect the coworkers, safety, and company production?

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You are the director of safety and security at a major manufacturing plant. The plant has 1,800 workers and runs three shifts a day. The night shift has about 400 workers on it and runs from midnight to 8:00 AM. The security supervisor for the night shift reports to you that there are some unusual activities going on during the night shift involving three of the younger male employees. You decide that you will visit the plant during the night shift to observe this behavior for yourself.

The night you arrive, you realize that you know one of the three young men involved, and he has always been a good worker and a very serious person. You note right away that all three men have an extraordinarily high energy level. They are having a hard time settling down at their assembly points on the line. They are whooping and hollering all the time over the noise of the shop. They are aggressive to the point of pushing other employees around physically. You notice extreme cases of acne and body odor on all three men when you walk by them. Their eyes are glassy and dilated.

At their 3:30 AM lunch break, they cross the street to an all-night diner. You notice that they sit with a man wearing a motorcycle jacket with local gang colors. They do not eat, but only have coffee. You see them pay cash to the man with the jacket and he hands one of the three men a small package. When the man with the motorcycle jacket leaves, he mounts a motorcycle and rides off. The three men go to the men’s bathroom in the diner. They are in the bathroom for almost 10 minutes. When they come out, they are boisterous, agitated, and overly animated with their movements.

In your paper, answer the following questions based on the scenario:

  • How does the drug use in this company affect the coworkers, safety, and company production?
  • What is the likely drug being abused by the three workers under suspicion?
  • Why did that drug get identified?
  • Would it be better to involve the police immediately? Why or why not?
  • Should you refer the workers to the Employee Assistance Program? Explain your decision.
  • Does the association of the motorcycle gang with the company workers impact the company?
  • Why type of liability could the company face if it does not take definitive action concerning this situation?

In 3-5 paragraphs

You are a member of a major metropolitan police department and assigned in a covert narcotics operations unit. Often, while working undercover, you are required to simulate the use of drugs without actually taking them. You have a partner who has always treated you well and taken care of you. On at least one occasion, he pulled you out of the line of fire of a drug dealer just before the offender shot at you. The two of you have been highly successful over the past 18 months. During the last three months, he has been seeing a woman that had acted as an informant on one case. You believe that she has gotten him to use cocaine with her. His performance is falling off, and you are worried that he might be abusing cocaine and compromising his position in the police department.

Respond to the following in discussion

Why is it important to you that your partner is possibly using drugs?

Explain at least 2 courses of action you could take about this situation and why you would consider taking them.

What are the dangers to the unit, your other fellow unit members, and yourself if your partner is actually using cocaine?



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