Discussion 1


“Aging” Please respond to the following:


·         From the self-assessment and e-Activity, discuss the overall manner in which your results from the self-assessment relate to the Nun Study. Next, choose two (2) strategies discussed in the video that you could implement in the next three (3) months to improve your wellness and longevity. Justify your response.



·         Watch the video titled, “Nun Study.” (4 min 05 s). Be prepared to discuss. Video source: Etan Rozin (2006, December 28). Nun Study [Video file]. Retrieved from This video can be reviewed from within your online course shell.




Discussion 2

“The Necessity of Building and Managing Innovation Networks” Please respond to the following:

·         Describe three (3) methods of building a formal network and then discuss the benefits of each strategy. Next, discuss the formal network strategy you would utilize for your business model and explain the implications of this decision. Provide examples to support your rationale.


·         Discuss how you could utilize formal network structures to develop new products and services for an organization. Next, evaluate two (2) success factors that would contribute to the success of your new product development strategy. Provide support for your response.



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