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Your paper should be at least 10 double-spaced, typewritten pages of original prose using APA style and including an APA style cover page. Original work is expected; all outside sources used in the paper must be properly credited using APA citations. This paper should include a reference page with at least five credible sources. These sources should have an author and a date of publication and come from the library database. You may use additional sources from the Internet or personal communications, but at least five sources will be from credible academic journals, books, or articles. Use statements and ideas that are your own writing and blend these with your research. If you want to use actual words from a source you must put them in quotation marks. Include both in text citations and a references page in APA format.

Be sure to proofread your paper one more time. Also, make a checklist of the requirements found in Module 02 Course – Introduction.

Module 2 course info

  1. Introduce your issue. Where did this idea evolve? What has been studied in terms of this issue? Give some background information about this issue.
  1. Explain why this issue interests you. Why is this issue compelling? What has not been solved in this issue? Why is this issue important to you, or your audience? You may want to review the characteristics of a workable issue to generate more thoughts.
  1. Describe what you have known about this issue. Recall your prior knowledge about this issue. What have you heard about it? You may want to do some preliminary research to acquire more information.
  1. Raise three substantive research questions that you would like to answer in your research paper. You will be exploring the strongest of these questions in your discussion next week.
  1. At last, provide your tentative position for this issue. What do you agree or disagree with? What is your conviction? Your position may change as you do your research and that’s perfectly fine.
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