MGMT 597 Week 3 Homework

MGMT 597 Week 3 Homework 

  • 22.10 Reference to Another Agreement Holly Hill Acres, Ltd. (Holly Hill), purchased land from Rogers and Blythe. As part of its consideration, Holly Hill gave Rogers and Blythe a promissory note and purchase money mortgage. The note read, in part, “This note with interest is secured ……………Does the reference to the mortgage in the note cause it to be nonnegotiable?

  • 23.8 Business Ethics Anthony and Dolores Angelini entered into a contract with Lustro Aluminum Products, Inc. (Lustro). Under the contract, Lustro agreed to replace exterior veneer on the Angelini home with Gold Bond Plasticrylic avocado siding. The cash price for the job was ………….Who wins?
  • 24.13 Business Ethics Warren and Kristina Mahaffey were approached by a salesman from the Five Star Solar Screens Company (Five Star). The salesman offered to install insulation in their home at a cost of $5,289. After being told that the insulation would reduce their heating bills by 50 …………..Did Five Star Solar Screens Company act ethically in this case? Can the Mahaffeys successfully assert the defense of breach of contract by Five Star against the enforcement of the note by Mortgage Finance?
  • 27.2 Priority of Security Agreements World Wide Tracers, Inc. (World Wide), sold certain of its assets and properties, including equipment, furniture, uniforms, accounts receivable, and contract rights, to Metropolitan Protection, Inc. (Metropolitan). To secure payment of the purchase …………….Who wins?

  • January 29, 2018
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