MGMT 597 Week 5 Homework

MGMT 597 Week 5 Homework??

  • 29.2??Independent Contractor Mercedes Connolly and her husband purchased airline tickets and a tour package for a tour to South Africa from Judy Samuelson, a travel agent doing business as International Tours of Manhattan. Samuelson sold tickets????????????.Is Samuelson liable?

  • 30.8??Tort Liability Ray Johnson and his eight-year-old son, David, were waiting for a ???walk??? sign before crossing a street in downtown Salt Lake City. A truck owned by Newspaper Agency Corporation (NAC) and operated by its employee, Donald Rogers, crossed the intersection and jumped the curb, killing David and injuring Ray. Before????????????.Is NAC liable?
  • 34.7??Liability of General Partners Pat McGowan, Val Somers, and Brent Robertson were general partners of Vermont Place, a limited partnership formed for the purpose of constructing duplexes on an undeveloped tract of land in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The general partners appointed McGowan and his company,????????????Who is liable to the suppliers?
  • 35.7??Removal of General Partner The Aztec Petroleum Corporation (Aztec) was the general partner of a limited partnership. The partnership agreement provided that it could be amended by a vote of 70 percent of the limited partnership units. More than 70 percent of these units voted to amend the partnership agreement to provide??????????????????.Who wins?

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