MGMT 597 Week 6 Homework

MGMT 597 Week 6 Homework

  • 36.11 Business Ethics John A. Goodman was a real estate salesman in the state of Washington. Goodman sold to Darden, Doman & Stafford Associates (DDS), a general partnership, an apartment building that needed extensive renovation. Goodman represented that he personally ……………Was it ethical for Goodman to deny liability? Is Goodman personally liable?

  • 37.5 Dividends Gay &’s Super Markets, Inc. (Super Markets), was a corporation formed under the laws of the state of Maine. Hannaford Bros. Company held 51 percent of the corporation &’s common stock. Lawrence F. Gay and his brother Carrol were both minority shareholders ……………Who wins?
  • 37.7 Duty of Loyalty Lawrence Gaffney was the president and general manager of Ideal Tape Company (Ideal). Ideal, which was a subsidiary of Chelsea Industries, Inc. (Chelsea), was engaged in the business of manufacturing pressure-sensitive tape…………….Who wins?
  • 39.9 Duty of Loyalty Ally is a member and a manager of a manager-managed limited liability company called Movers & You, LLC, a moving company. The main business of Movers & You, LLC, is moving large corporations from old office space to new office space……………Is Ally liable?

  • January 29, 2018
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