MGMT 600 Week 4 Complete The Marketing Plan

MGMT 600 Week 4 Complete The Marketing Plan??

Week 4

The Marketing Plan

The Marketing Plan
Marketing Budget
Sales and Marketing Strategies
Sales Forecast
Statement of Cash Flow

Marketing Budget

Newspaper local
Radio in Chicago
Phone Directories
Direct mail??

Sales and Marketing Strategies

??Sales Forecast

Instructions:??Your worksheet work here will be the underpinning of how you create your forecast. Remember that units, dollars and assumptions are critical.?? All other statements build on these numbers.?? Create the sales forecast in a narrative based on what your worksheets show you after you have completed them. (Remember you don???t include the worksheets in the plan.) Your forecast is the description of the units you plan to sell, the services (amount of them) you plan to provide, and your projection on how those #???s will grow over time.??

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