MGMT 640 5131 Financial Decision Making for Managers 3-4 paragraphs for each


HRMD 610 – Week 6 – Midterm Exam






This examination is administered as an open-book test. As with all exams, this is intended to be your individual effort. Course materials may be used, but your answers should be your own. Your work must adhere to UMUC’s policy on academic integrity and plagiarism, which can be found at




This exam is worth 100 points. To see what percentage of your total grade this assignment is worth, please consult your syllabus. There are four questions listed below, each worth 25 points. Answer all four, which will require that you write approximately 3-4 paragraphs for each. Appropriate references should be used to support your main ideas and all references should be cited according to APA guidelines. Be sure to check for spelling and grammatical errors before submitting your answers.




1. Assume an organization wants to gauge the success of its total rewards program. Discuss at least two possible metrics or outcomes it might use. Be sure to explain why you chose the metrics you discuss and how they are indicative of a successful total rewards program. 




2. Given what you have learned about employee relations and labor relations, explain whether it is possible for an HR practitioner to be an effective advocate for both employees and the organization at the same time? Why or why not?




3. Labor Relations and Employee Relations are similar but distinct HR functions. Compare and contrast the key elements of the two and discuss how they both contribute to organizational functioning.




4. Explain how an organization’s labor relations and employee relations policies and practices impact the organization’s total rewards programs.






  • February 24, 2018
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