microsoft accec and date base management



here is my first part and I alredy did it 


The attached page is a Project-Quote List. Please use this given list to answer following questions:

and the other 2 attachment is the answer for these questions 


  1. Provide a data definition define Domains and Relations 

  2. Define Functional Dependency on each relations 

  3. Through normalization process derive 3rd NF or BCNF 

  4. Provide outcomes of final entities with relative data 


    here is what I need you to do 


    please contunue your design from the first part.  In this part, you need complete your database design and ER digram.  You also need implement the design in Access databasae.

    To fulfill this part, you need to submit all designs, ER diagram, SQL statements (in both DDL and DML) and Access file.

    I need to version of answer because one for me and one for my firend. 


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