Module 1 Discussion

In this Module, you will work on developing creative problem-solving skills. Do you think the problem-solving process presented would work in the real world?  What strategies do you currently use to solve problems? Do you consider yourself to be an effective problem solver?  Based on your research in your Case and SLP assignments, how will you change your approach to problem solving? In your response to your peers, share your personal advice on how to approach problems based on what you have learned from this module. 

In each discussion forum, students are expected to respond to the prompt by providing an informed, rigorous, and professional post. The initial post should be at least 150 words. In addition, students are required to respond at least 2 times to their classmates’ posts in a similarly informed, rigorous, and professional manner. Peer replies should be at least 100 words to qualify as substantive. Refer to the discussion rubric for more details.

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