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 must be original Outline due 07/27/2017 rest due 8/3/2017

The 2013-2015 Ebola epidemic, the largest in history, has caused the United States Department of Health and Human Services to re-evaluate its public health response and emerging/re-emerging/novel disease preparedness.

As the Lead Public Health Analyst at HHS you have been tasked with preparing a high-level emerging threats report. The target audience for this emerging threats report is for both scientific and policy communities. In addition, you have been asked to transform the high-level emerging threats report into a PowerPoint Presentation that will be posted on HHS’s website for the general public. You will work in your assigned groups to conduct the last deliverable.

Scenario: Imagine its 9am and you walk into a meeting at work. You have just been asked to write a report on emerging infectious disease threats for the scientific and policy community. Your management outlines all the various data they would like to see in the report, i.e., a list of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases and a brief description about each disease, the various policies that exist and a list of entities that work towards fighting this global problem.

You walk back to your desk, thinking “I got this.” What’s the first thing you do? You look for a template for the report. Guess what…there is none. So I guess it’s just you, your brilliant graduate-level research skills and the various items you jotted down in the meeting that your management would like to see in the report. 

This week you will watch a recorded lecture on How to Develop an Emerging Threats Report Presentation.pptx

After watching this lecture, please submit an outline for the “Emerging Infectious Disease Threat Report for the Scientific and Policy Community.”

Rubric_Emerging Threats Report Outline.docx

I will review your outline and provide any recommendations before you begin writing the final report.

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