Need 10 question science quiz completed by 900 pm eastern time 7/17/ 16 a must

Requirements  Must have knowledge of earth science good at quzes with multiple choice answers.

This 10-question, multiple-choice and true/false Quiz will assess how well you understand and can apply the information in this week’s assigned readings on earth science and the scientific method.

To prepare for the Quiz:

  • Review the assigned reading in the course text, The Good Earth.

About the Quiz:

  • The Quiz has a 1-hour time limit.
  • You may take the Quiz only one time.
  • The Quiz counts toward your course grade.
  • If you encounter technical difficulties during the Quiz or if you have questions about how an online Quiz works in the online classroom, consider contacting the Student Support Team for more information.
  • After you have submitted your Quiz for scoring, you will be shown the correct answer for each question and where to find the correct answer in the course text, The Good Earth.
  • RESOURCES: Must use resources  that are provided a must!!!!


  • McConnell, D., & Steer, D. (2015). The good earth: Introduction to earth science (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill.
    • Chapter 1, “Introduction to Earth Science” (pp. 3–24) 

      What is earth science and why should you study it? To better understand the world around you and the changes that lie ahead for the planet, it is essential to know about the processes that have formed the Earth. This chapter provides a brief overview of earth science and introduces the scientific method.

  • Institute for Inquiry. (2015). What is inquiry? Retrieved from

    Inquiry is a means for science, but is not the same as the scientific method. Explore this site to find out more about inquiry and how it applies to science.

  • Harris, W. (2015). How the scientific method works. How Stuff Works: Science. Retrieved from


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