Need a 2-page informative essay based on a fake interview

      Due: 7/10/2017


       Please follow the instructions to the tee, please.


    Need a 2-page informative essay that needs to be improvised into the following paper: 


·      Include in the 2-page paper: 


o   That summarizes and analyzes what I learned overall through three interviews for Office Administration careers. Use the first employer’s first names that are listed below in this paper. Must Include the first names for the Office Administration  employers I so called “interviewed”. 


·      Think about all the three interviews and the interviewees’ responses, then write it in the two-page reflection paper as well.



     Must include in the 2-page paper a bibliography containing the names and contact information of the people I interviewed.


·      Office Administration Employers first names and contact information:


o   First Name: Mike Email:

o   First Name: David  Email:

o   First Name: Alex Email:



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