need a letter and analyzing rhetorical strategies essay

When considering rhetoric—and, primarily, what rhetorical strategies will be effective—consideration must be given to the situation and the audience. Rhetoric that is powerful in one context may be ineffective in another. For this project, you will be using what we’ve discussed about rhetoric and manipulating language thus far to navigate a complicated situation.


There are two parts to this assignment:

PART A: Write a one-page letter for one of the following scenarios:

  • You’ve been passed over for a promotion at work by somebody you feel is less qualified than you are. Moreover, this person is related to the boss. You have been working for this company for a long time and you want to convince your boss that you are deserving of a promotion.
  • Your final grade for a class is just short of a passing score, and you are writing an appeal letter to the department. Throughout the semester, you have missed some classes and office hour appointments, but you still feel you deserve a passing grade. Argue to the head of the department your case.
  • You are breaking up with your significant other after having been with them for a year. You have tried working on your issues with your partner, but they are too busy with other serious obligations (like a demanding job or a family illness) that is taking their attention away from you. You want to write them a letter explaining to them that you want to end on good terms, but you’ve fallen for their supportive friend.

PART B: Write a 1.0-1.5-page, single-spaced analysis of Part A in which you discuss the situation and explain your rhetorical choices—in other words, how did you compose Part A, and why would it be appropriate for the given situation?


  • Length and formatting: Single-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman. Part A – at least 1.0 page, Part B – 1.0-1.5 pages.



PART A (50 points):

  • Presents a clear message with appropriate tone and details
  • Clearly geared toward a specific audience with appropriate strategies
  • Meets the technical requirements of whatever genre the student is writing in


PART B (50 points):

  • Introduction: Essay has appropriate title; student introduces the topic(s) being discussed to inform the reader and to demonstrate the essay’s structure
  • Body Paragraphs:
    • Student clearly explains and analyzes the rhetorical choices they made in Part A
    • Student provides specific details and evidence to develops their points
    • Conclusion: Briefly recounts the points made in the body paragraphs and their significance without being redundant
    • Style: Tone and style student uses is appropriate and rhetorically effective
    • Structure and Mechanics:
      • Clear and effective structure with smooth transitions
      • Free of grammatical errors and follows proper citation format
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