Need a powerpoint presentation

DUE: JULY 20th, 2017


need a powerpoint presentation for an article.


  • Powerpoint must be able to to be presented in 15 minutes. 
  • Must Include Speaker Notes  
  • Presentation needs to start off with briefly summarizing the article in the power point 
  • No Outside Sources Needed



  • Discuss advertisement concepts regarding the article that are reflected by real-world examples found in business/advertising/PR publications, printed or online.
  • In a slide in the speaker notes need to explain the connection to why this article was chosen for my advertising, public relations and society class. 
  • The majority of the presentation must explain in the speaker notes an analysis of the article which needs to also be explained as well with advertisement concepts. 
  • Include 2 iWatch advertisement commercials off of youtube and put the links in the power point presentation. (Make sure they are sourced at the end). 
  • Also Include the 4 P’s of marketing to analyze the article as well. 
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