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Research Report The research report in this course is designed to allow you to discover, analyze, interpret, and report about a fire-related research problem. A problem is not necessarily a troublesome area, but an area of desired improvement. In other words, something may be performing well, yet, someone still wants to see it perform even better. That is what a lot research is all about—how can we do it better? How can you, as a researcher, contribute to a better way of preventing and protecting communities from fire-related and emergency-related incidents? One way is to conduct research and to take it a step further by sharing your research with the fire-service community. Consider presenting your research at a conference. Such an activity is great for professional development and networking. Keep that in mind as you review and fine-tune the remaining details of your research report. Include at least the following in your research report:  Title page  Table of contents  An introduction  The purpose of the report  A literature review  A hypothesis  A description of the research method (what you would do)  Conclusions/recommendations  A reference page  Ten pages (not including the title page, reference page, or any appendices)  Twelve empirical sources FIR 4308, Applications in Fire Research 6 Use your own words and apply APA style where it is applicable. 

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