Need Help With Paper


Begin collecting tools to put in your Knowledge Management Tool Kit this week and write them up, so that you may have a quick reference guide for knowledge retrieval and problem solving. Tools include demand and supply theory; comparative advantage theory; H-O theory; balanced versus biased growth; foreign exchange markets; financing instruments; country risk analysis; globalization; free trade agreements; international financing institutions; World Trade Organizations; the European Union; trading and currency blocs.




To be clear: this is about a particular business (organization) or industry in a country other than the United States. This could be, for example, resolving a marketing problem, or planning a new marketing effort.


The Table of Contents will include a detailed description of the tools that you have chosen to utilize and an explanation of why you have chosen them. In addition, it should outline the topics and subtopics of the business problem or opportunity, which exists in a specific country that you will discuss in further detail in the Week Six paper.




Include a clear description of the business problem or opportunity and the country of focus.


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