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need quiz done in 2 hours. Was scammed here twice

BUS 378 International Business Law Short 10 question quiz

I’m having to repost this. I had TWO tutors on here promise me he would do it and did not do it. Now the quiz has started and has to be finished in 12 hours. He said 2 hours. 10 hours has passed I haven’t heard from him so I have to move forward with another tutor. Is there anyone reliable and fast? All you have to due is underline or high light the answers. There is only 2 hours left!!! I was scammed by Miss Laura and by Malik Abdullah. I will not do down payments having been ripped off twice already for this



1. The Rome Convention (The International Convention for the Protection of Performers, Producers of Phonograms, and Broadcasting Organizations) protects:(Points : 1)

       artists from the unauthorized use of their recordings.

       producers of phonograms from the unauthorized reproduction of their recordings.

       broadcasters from the unauthorized recording or rebroadcast of their broadcasts.

       All of the above.

       None of the above.

2. The concept of “passage of risk” means that the responsibility for loss or damage to goods shifts from the seller to the buyer. (Points : 1)



3. In most countries, a provision in an industrial property licensing agreement that restricts or forbids a licensee from carrying on its own research to adapt or improve the transferred technology is legal if it is meant to protect the licensor from product liability. (Points : 1)



4. The FOB trade term as it is defined by the Incoterms applies to both inland carriage and carriage by sea. (Points : 1)



5. Precautionary patents: (Points : 1)

       are issued for short periods of time to an inventor who has not completely perfected an invention.

       entitle their holder to get notification of any other applications for a patent on the same invention.

       entitle their holder to protection beyond the period of the original patent.

       Both a. and b. above.

       None of the above.

6. A copyright applies only within the territory of the state granting it. (Points : 1)



7. Buyer and Seller enter into an international sales agreement governed by the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and which calls for the goods to be delivered to a carrier. The risk of loss or injury to the goods shifts to Buyer only after: (Points : 1)

       the goods are delivered to Buyer.

       the goods are handed over to the carrier.

       the goods are identified to the contract.

       Both b. and c. above.

       None of the above.

8. Which of the following clauses in a licensing agreement is (in most countries) prohibited? (Points : 1)

       A clause forbidding a licensee from cooperating with a competing business.

       A clause prohibiting the licensee from manufacturing or selling competing technologies.

       A clause requiring a licensee to terminate the use of a particular technology.

       All of the above.

       None of the above.

9. Trade terms in sales contracts (such as FOB, CIF, etc.) describe: (Points : 1)

       the method by which goods are to be manufactured.

       the place where the buyer is to take delivery.

       the time when the buyer is to take delivery.

       All of the above.

       Both b. and c. above.

10. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is authorized to resolve which of the following Internet domain name disputes? (Points : 1)

       The registered domain name is the same or confusingly similar to that of a trademark or a service mark.

       The same domain name was registered by more than one person with two or more different registration services.

       The domain name is being used without being registered.

       All of the above.

       None of the above.

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