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Please play the Disaster Planning and Recovery Game from the ONC at HHS.?? This game was developed to help physician practices, and other healthcare practices with electronic health records and ePHI prepare for a??natural or other type of disaster.?? How could this game be used to train employees on what is necessary to preserve and protect ePHI in the event of some type of disaster???

Develop a Contingency Planning Guide to be used to train employees in an ambulatory practice for an emergency or disaster situation where the EHR is not accessible.????

How will patients be seen and how will problem lists, history and vitals be documented? ??

Play the Contingency Planning Game.??


Could this game be a part of your training plan??? Can you find other teaching aids that will assist employees in developing and remembering necessary procedures in the event of an emergency?????

This assignment must contain step by step procedures for patient intake, patient visit notes, and billing in an emergency situation, the employee training plan, and supplies required to be in the office if this plan must be implemented.?? You also must list a procedure for backing up your EHR on a regular basis and where the backups will be stored so that the PHI data can be recovered and updated when the emergency is over. ????


Write up a step by step training plan for Disaster Planning and Recovery for a small healthcare practice.??

This is part of the Outcomes Assessment for the HIM Major.

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