Need this within the hour

You have learned some database components such as entities (tables) with attributes (columns/fields) and keys in previous lessons such as Relational Databases, Database Fields and Field Specifications, and Establishing Keys. Now based on the examples in those lessons, you will design a database for CTU, which includes three entities (tables): Students, Faculty, and Classes. Note a class refers to a particular class section. For example, the current CS251 you are taking is one class instance (i.e. CS251-01), and another CS251 section is another class instance (i.e. CS251-02). And it should also have session information (i.e. 1604A).

In summary, create a Word document for your design which includes:

  • Three entities and each entity should have at least three attributes.
  • Properly Identify all Primary (Use Solid Underlines) and Foreign Keys (Use Dotted Underlines)
  • Define the relationships between entities (See examples in Data Model and Database Entities and Relationship Modeling lessons)
  • Create an entity-relationship diagram (ERD) from the entities. You may use SmartDraw, Visio, Erwin, or even PowerPoint or Word to draw the diagram. Take a screenshot (no need if you use Word) and insert it into the Word document.

Save your Word document as “yourname_WK3.docx”. Click the “Edit” button on this submission node to submit the saved document. 

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