NTC 409 WK2

Assignment Preparation:

Activities include completing the SkillSoft® course, independent student reading, and research.

SkillSoft® course, “Cisco DESGN 2.1: Network Design Methodology Overview.”


Develop a matrix that identifies specific departmental needs for a company that you are familiar with. 

Include the types of communication needed for each department such as email, web use, etc. and then estimate the amount of network traffic that would be needed to meet business needs. 

Use information gained in the SkillSoft® module and additional outside research including your course texts to determine reasonable estimates. 

Provide an overall total needed for the organization which will impact the ISP connection that will be needed, as well as equipment and software. 

Write a 2- to 3-page paper to explain your estimates.

Note. You must do additional research that includes a minimum of two additional sources in addition to use of your texts.


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