nyanya – can you please do my homework Assignment 3


Please complete assignment 3 for me. Below is notice that I got from the Professor.


Your paper was well written, but the organization can still be improved – please ensure that you use the template I provided. You answered and addressed all parts of the questions and presented an interesting case in the paper. You also applied our class concepts and performed the analysis quite well for the most part covering some interesting perspectives about the topic, but some sections (the answer to question 2 and 3) can still be improved for more detailed analysis and can be more specific with the responses as the content on this is limited (particularly the answer to question 3 as there is no analysis here – just a list of items). Your submission was also on time and you used some good sources to support your analysis. However, please continue to work on APA as I still noticed some issues here. Overall, you still did a good job here. Thank you very much for your hard work. I enjoyed reading this paper very much!!!  

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