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Online Wellness Course: Discussion Board Assignment – Four parts

Scholarly Discussion:


PART 1:After reading Health and Wellness (Johnson, 2011), (article attached)??visit several of the websites listed in that document as providing more information on health and wellness. Considering the information presented on the websites, the information presented in this module, and your own personal experience,


  1. What do you think is a complete definition of ???health????

  2. What do you think is a complete definition of ???wellness????

  3. What is the difference between health and wellness?

PART 2: Choose a wellness model that you found in your exploration this week. Describe the model, provide a reference to the source, and discuss how the model you chose relates to the models of wellness presented in this week???s readings.

PART 3: Savolaine and Granello (“The Fuction of Meaning and Purpose for Individual Wellness” article attached) discuss the importance of meaning in wellness. They state that having meaning in life is a central component to wellness. Prilleltensky (“Wellness without Fairness” article attached)??discusses the role of fairness in wellness. Present an example of someone who you think represents an ???ideal??? wellness model, and discuss the role of meaning and fairness in attaining this ideal wellness.

Part 4: Contribute:Share an interesting website, podcast, blog, video, Twitter feed, article, journal, organization, or other online resource that you found in your research this week that relates to this module???s theme.


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