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???Burger Tycoon??? Competition?? ??http://www.addictinggames.com/burgertycoon.html

???Burger Tycoon??? Term Paper


??Each student is to write a Burger Tycoon Project paper (1-2 typed pages, single spaced, professionally prepared) which is due at the last class session. The objectives of this paper are for the student to reflect upon and report the integrative lessons learned from the Burger Tycoon practice and competition. This report should be professionally prepared and include the following sub-sections:


1)?????? Burger Tycoon Strategies Utilized, Results (20% of paper)

2)?????? Lessons Learned (20% of paper)???

(What OPS techniques would be helpful in running this business? What value did each department bring to the success/failure of your business?)

3)?????? Role of Business Integration- (60% of paper)???..expand on lessons and integrate on how you view the impact on the functioning/dis-functioning of business in the real world.

  • February 13, 2018
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