PA 571 Nonprofit Organizational Management Complete Course Devry

PA 571 Nonprofit Organizational Management

Week 1 DQ 1 – Types of Nonprofit Organizations.docx
Week 1 DQ 2 – Legal Forms of Nonprofits.docx

Week 2 DQ 1 – Role of the Board.docx
Week 2 DQ 2 – Employees.docx

Week 3 DQ 1 – Volunteers.docx
Week 3 DQ 2 – Motivation Techniques.docx

Week 4 DQ 1 – Perceptions.docx
Week 4 DQ 2 – Facing Uncertainty.docx

PA 571 Week 5 DQ 1 – Financial aspects of nonprofits.docx
PA 571 Week 5 DQ 2 – Resources for Technology.docx

PA 571 Week 6 DQ 1 – Raising and Using Funds.docx
PA 571 Week 6 DQ 2 – Marketing Techniques.docx

PA 571 Week 7 DQ 1 – Week hat Week ould You Do.docx
PA 571 Week 7 DQ 2 – Code of Ethics.docx

  1. (TCO A) Which answer includes the three major categories of nonprofit organizations?
  2. (TCO A) Which statement is true?
  3. (TCO E) Generally, a nonprofit organization is not able to offer a salary comparable to what would be offered by a for-profit business for a similar position. What is a reason for this discrepancy?
  4. (TCO F) You have just been promoted to Volunteer Coordinator at your organization. This is a newly created position so you are responsible for developing all aspects related to volunteer management. What should you include in the New Volunteer Welcome Packet?
  5. (TCO F) A nonprofit organization may decide to develop and use a volunteer job description for each position to be filled by a volunteer. Which of the following is a reason that a nonprofit may decide to do so?
  6. (TCO B) You are on the Board Development Committee of a local nonprofit community center. There are two openings on the Board of Directors, and your committee is in charge of filling those slots. What characteristic in the prospective board member would you most like to see from among the choices below?
  7. (TCO B) Turnover on the board of directors of a nonprofit organization is in many cases normal and may in ways even be desirable. But to help ensure some stability in the relationship between the board and the executive director, which one of the following tools might be of some help?
  8. (TCO E) Per the Week 2 lecture, a starting place for a nonprofit organization to look for potential candidates for employment is

  1. (TCO H) A website can be an important part of a nonprofit organization’s public relations, fund raising, marketing, and customer service plans. As the founder of a new nonprofit organization that will be providing assistance to the homeless in a major city in the Midwest, you need to prepare a marketing plan. Describe how you will use the website in conjunction with public relations, fund raising, marketing, and customer service. (Points: 25)
  2. (TCO A) Identify four different types of nonprofit entities afforded 501(c) tax exempt status and describe the nature of their activities that afford them that status. In addition, identify an area of operations that might threaten that tax exempt status. (Points: 25)
  3. (TCO B) Responsibilities of a nonprofit organization’s governing board consist of legal and fiduciary, oversight, fund-raising, and representation of constituencies and viewpoints. Address the oversight duties of the governing board. (Points: 25)
  4. (TCO D) Budgeting and the preparation of financial projections are critical activities for any given nonprofit organization. Briefly explain at least three of the problems that may be faced during the preparation of the budget. (Points: 25)
  5. (TCO E) Having an effective information system is important for a nonprofit organization. Address at least four areas of information that a system should be able to accumulate and process. (Points: 25)
  6. (TCO F) Attracting, managing, and retaining volunteers are important steps for many nonprofit organizations. Describe at least five challenges in managing volunteers for your nonprofit organization. (Points: 25)
  7. (TCO C) An existing nonprofit organization should already have a strategic plan in place. In updating the strategic plan, a major step in the planning includes aligning the strategic plan with the mission of that organization. Explain ways that the governing board of the organization can help ensure such alignment. (Points: 25)
  8. (TCO G) Describe four (4) managerial responsibilities unique to nonprofit managers and assess difficulties nonprofits face in measuring individual performance against them. (Points: 25)
  9. (TCO I) The East Coast Homeless Support Organization bestows the honor of the title of chairperson of the governing board on a business leader each year. A few months ago, you were pleased to be elected not only to the board but also as the chairperson. Thus far, you have not needed to put forth much effort as chairperson. Driving to work this morning, though, you were dismayed to hear on the radio that the executive director had been arrested on a financial crime. The matter may or may not be related to the organization. Describe how the situation should be handled. You may include in your answer a brief discussion of the role of the governing board. Emphasize in your answer actions that the organization could possibly take from a public relations and management perspective. (Points: 25)
  10. (TCO H) Two employees of the nonprofit organization that you represent as a media specialist were indicted for fraud involving your organization on the previous day. You have been asked to prepare a statement for release to the public. Following the release of your statement, a reporter from a local newspaper states: “Nonprofits have been under assault from a variety of governmental agencies for their lax handling of ethical violations.” What should your organization consider in preparing a response to this statement? (Points: 25)
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