phase 2 to phase 5

In this project, you will determine what core courses that are required to complete your degree in Information Systems Management. You are trying to determine which classes will be offered and how much longer it will take you to complete your degree. Once you complete your pivot table and chart, you will now be able to visually see what courses are available and which semester offers the most courses that you will need to successfully graduate.

To complete the assignment, perform the following tasks:

  1. 1-Openthis Excel workbookand save the workbook as “FirstInital_LastName_PivotIPA04_.xlsx.”
  2. 2-Highlight the entire data set, and insert a pivot table on a new worksheet.
    • 3-For more information on how to create a pivot table, clickhere.
  3. 4-Sort the pivot table as follows:
    • 5-Move Student level to the Column level.
    • 6-Move the Year to Values, change your values to count instead of sum.
    • 7-Move the Course to Row Label.
  4. 8-Insert a Column chart. Select Chart Layout 3, and also change your chart to design to style 2.
  5. 9-Change the title of your chart to “Course Availability”.
  6. 10-Name the worksheet as “Course Availability,” and save your document as “FirstInitial_LastName_PivotIPA04_solution.”
  7. 11-Return to the Data sheet, highlight all the data, and click on Insert a pivot chart on a new worksheet.
    • For more information on how to create a pivot chart, clickhere.
  8. Sort the pivot chart as follows:
    • Filter the Year.
    • Move Courses to Axis Fields.
    • Move the Count of Student to Value.
  9. 9. Change your chart type to columns if the type is not columns and choose a style from the design tab. Insert the name “Course Overview” as your title.
  10. Add two more courses at the end of the list and adjust your new chart to include the two courses.
  11. Rename the worksheet to “Course Overview.” Submit your Excel spreadsheet.