Philosophy of Education

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the purpose of this paper are to allow you to establish your initial philosophy of education and allow others (professors, prospective employers, etc to see your beliefs about teaching and learning.

contents: your philosophy statement should be 2-3 pages in length. many educators reflect a combination of several or all of the philosophies, so feel free to mix the traits to fit your own personal style. your logic should be clear and provide examples of how your thinking will manifest itself in your teaching.??

one way to begin the process of writing your own philosophy statement would be to complete a series of sentences:
i believe that the goal of education is???.
i belive that the role of the teacher is???
i believe that students should???
i believe that parents and community members should?????
i believe that knowledge is???

once you have considered your beliefs about each of the above, try to write the ???why??? for each of them, giving examples and explanations.

after you have a list of reasons for your beliefs, you can begin to structure this into statement. consider using an introductory paragraph that sets up the foundation for your statement and previews the information to follow. then you might group your ideas around the basic topis presented above. be sure to write in an active voice and use clear and logical ideas to support your statements.??

be sure to look at the rubric by which your philosophy of education will be evaluated.

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