please answer the questions n 500-600 words and please do not plagarsie

Assignment #1 (Week Three): Case Assignment: “The Tennis Match: What Would You Do?” 50 points.

Develop a traditional academic essay.

Submit your assignment at the end of class latest, Week 3.

INSTRUCTIONS: Read the scenario below “A question of ethics” and develop an essay based on the prompts below the scenario. 


After the intramural, mixed-doubles tennis matches on Tuesday evening, most of the players adjourned to the campus grill for a drink and a chat. Marquez and Lisa sat down with Barry and Elana, the couple they had lost a match to that night largely because of Elana’s improved play. Although Marquez and Lisa were only tennis friends, Barry and Elana had been going out together for much of the season.

After some general conversation about the tournament, Marquez said,
“Elana, your serve today was the best I’ve seen it this year.”

“Yeah, I was really impressed. And as you saw, I had trouble handling it,”
Lisa added.

“And you’re getting to the net a lot better too,” Marquez added.

“Thanks, guys,” Elana said in a tone of gratitude, “I’ve really been working on it.”

“Well, aren’t we getting the compliments today,” sneered Barry in a sarcastic tone. Then after a pause, he said, “Oh, Elana, would you get my sweater—I left it on that chair by the other table.”

“Come on, Barry; you’re closer than I am,” Elana replied.

Barry got a cold look on his face, moved slightly closer to Elana, and said emphatically, “Get my sweater for me, Elana—now.”

Elana quickly backed away from Barry as she said, “OK, Barry—it’s cool,” and she then quickly got the sweater for him.

“Gee, isn’t she sweet,” Barry said to Marquez and Lisa as he grabbed the sweater from Elana.

Lisa and Marquez both looked down at the floor. Then Lisa glanced at Marquez and said, “Well, I’m out of here—I’ve got a lot to do this evening.”

“Let me walk you to your car,” Marquez said as he stood up.

“See you next week,” they both said in unison as they hurried out the door, leaving Barry and Elana alone at the table.

Write an essay of 500-600 words in answer to the following questions:

  1. Analyze Barry’s non-verbal behavior. Explain the goal of the non-verbal behavior. 
  2. Interpret others’ reactions to the non-verbal behavior.
  3. Decide if Barry’s behavior was ethically acceptable. Give reasons for your decision.
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