Political Science Essay

Political Science


Please answer one of the following question in an essay between 750 and 1000 words. It is very important to answer the question directly–avoid including information or analysis that is not directly pertinent to the argument you wish to make. Your answer must include three (3) specific references to the required readings and two (2) specific references to articles in the World Politics Blog which can be accessed at: http://vferraro1971.wordpress.com/.   The purpose of these requirements is to demonstrate that you can take the theoretical propositions developed in the course and apply them directly to contemporary events.


The US currently finds itself involved in conflict areas that are far away from the territory of the US:  instability in Ukraine, in Syria, and the South China Sea.  Should the US confine its foreign policy to areas of the world that are closer to the core national interest:  territorial integrity and sovereignty?

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