Politics & Economic Policy: Current Events Report

Please, follow the instructions/guide clearly.


I. Requirements:

-Identify and discuss one current event/issue related to politics and economic policy

-Identify two news stories about the issue or debate

          *what counts as a news outlet?

                -A newspaper (print or online), a prominent blog (e.g., Huffington Post or The Monkey Cage)

          *stories must be spaced out over at least 1 week

          *the stories must come from different news outlets

-2-3 pages, 3 pages maximum, single spaced.

-must include a references list of the cited articles

-do not include copies of actual articles → just include a list of the two references (works citations)


II. Guide

a. Introduce the event / issue -discuss what, when, where, etc. -discuss why the issue matters: who is affected, what are the stakes?

b. Discuss how the event / issue relates to class readings and topics: does the event / issue affect relatively poor versus wealthy persons, does it affect economic inequality, etc.

c. What are your thoughts about the event / issue? 

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