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Power point cancer types

You will create??a PowerPoint?? presentation giving a synopsis of each cancer identified. Your presentation??should have a total of 10-15 slides.


Breast cancer

Colon cancer

Lung cancer

Prostate cancer

Skin cancer


Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following about each cancer:

??? Signs and symptoms of the cancer.

??? How the cancer is diagnosed.

??? Risk factors of the cancer.

??? Traditional, complementary, and alternative treatment options available, if any.

??? Side effects of treatment options, if any.

Each cancer overview should be no more than 2???3 slides. NOTES SHOULD ALSO BE INCLUDE ON THE SLIDES 3-4 SENTENCES


The presentation should include a title page with your name, course title, class number and??

term, and instructor information.

The presentation should also include a reference slide (or slides, if necessary). Be sure to put??

your references in APA format

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