Congratulations! You have just been selected by a prestigious college to fill in for a professor of Economics and to prepare a lecture that is focused on Government & Business and International Trade.

For this assignment you will be preparing a PowerPoint Presentation as a tool to accompany your lecture.

Topics to be covered are listed below:

  • Pareto Optimality
  • Regulation of Imperfectly Competitive Markets
  • Antitrust Laws and Regulations
  • Mergers
  • Externalities
  • Open-Access, Club, and Public Goods
  • Reasons for Trade
  • International Trade Policies

Presentation should include a title slide, introduction, body, conclusion, and reference slide.

Presentation should be at least 12 slides in length. Assignment must follow APA guidelines. Slides should be eye appeasing and text must be typed in a color and font size that can clearly be seen from afar.??A minimum of 4??resources must be used along with examples outside of the text and content of the class. Be sure to also include slide notes.

Once a grading rubric is available I will attach it.

Thank you in advance!!

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