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In this assignment you will have to create an over the counter drug. Your company (the manufacturer is a startup company and has no other products on the market). Once you have created your drug you will need to name it and describe the box. In addition, you will have to describe the target market for the OTC and why this OTC would be applicable to your target market. This is an individual assignment and you should not work with other classmates. This assignment suspends reality in that we will assume FDC approval and any combination of items is allowed as long as they make sense, e.g. you would not have prune, psyllium, or bran in a diarrhea medicine. Designing your OTC Your over the counter drug must be composed of at least one item from categories listed below. You cannot add extra elements to your drug. You cannot add extra elements to your drug that are not on the list. Form Flavor Type Color Powder None Pain White Gel Tablet Cherry Cold/Allergy Red Cream Lime Diarrhea Light Green Fast Melt Peppermint Sleep Aid No color/clear Gummy Coffee Weight Loss Yellow Inhaler Chocolate Laxative Light pink Honey Energy Brown Caramel To your basic drug you must add at least two ingredients, you may add more, but they must be from the list below, Ingredients Ingredients Ingredients Acetaminophen Decongestants Chamomile Aspirin Butterbur Fenugreek seeds Naproxen sodium Zinc Simethicone Capsaicin Vitamin C Cellulose SAM-e Echinacea Melatonin Antihistamines Pseudoephedrine Doxylamine succinate Expectorants Loperamide Diphenhydramine GABA 5-HTP Benzodiazepines Caffeine Fiber Stevia Hoodia Chromium Orlistat Magnesium Citrate Psyllium Magnesium hydroxide 2 Docusate Sodium USP Bran Prune Aloe Vera Castor Oil Ephedra Ginseng phenylpropanolamine Sugar Box Cover You must design a box for your new OTC. The front of the box must contain all of the required elements listed in the front column. Your box must contain all of the elements listed in the slide column. You may determine what you want to have on the back of your box, some choices are listed below. You will need to use a separate page for each side of the box. Front Back Side Name of the OTC Drug-required History List of ingredients-required Advertising slogan-required Visual Dosage suggestions-required Company name-required Other Picture/ illustration-required Mascot (if desired) -required Target Market You must clearly describe the target market for your OTC drug using the segmentation bases from chapter 5. Once you have clearly defined your target market you need to explain how this OTC drug appeals to the target market be specific. Limit to one page.

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