PROJ 410 Contracts and Procurement Week 1 Discussions (Devry)

PROJ 410 Contracts and Procurements


Week 1


Week 1 DQ 1    Procurement in Projects (Graded)

 There are many reasons to pursue business process outsourcing and project procurement, including flexibility, improving methodologies, and increasing productivity.  Taking into consideration budget, scope, schedule, and risk, what are some of the other reasons to contract part or all of a project or business process?  What are some of the drawbacks to outsourcing?  Again, consider this question from the budget, scope, schedule, and risk standpoint. 



Week 1 DQ 2    Contract vs. Project Management (Graded)

A project manager and a contract manager are both needed to administer a procured project or process.  If you were the project manager, how would you work with the contract manager to ensure a successful procurement?  In answering this question, consider such issues as at what point you would want to get the contract manager involved in the project, what areas of the contract you would want to be his/her responsibility, how much and what types of communication you would want the seller (i.e., the contracted firm) to have with the contract manager, and who would handle conflicts that might arise with costs, schedules, or scope.

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