PROJ 598 Week 4 Discussions & Course Project Contracts & Procurement Management


PROJ 598 Week 4 Discussions & Course Project

PROJ 598 Week 4

Week 4 DQ 1: Risk Factors in Contracts

Contract Pricing (Graded)

Using alternatives specified in Chapter 8 (Garrett, pages 124-127), discuss what kind of contract pricing might be best for the following procurement situations. Arrange to select a topic “round robin style” so that you select the next topic that has not already been discussed. Which of these topics are better served using one of these contract vehicles: Firm Fixed, Cost Reimbursable, or Time & Material contracts? Be sure to define each of these contracts before aligning a topic.

  1. Adding a room to your home
  2. Landscaping your company’s grounds
  3. Developing a new software module
  4. Purchasing new desktop computers
  5. Conducting a survey of employee attitudes
  6. Purchasing a new home
  7. Purchasing an older home
  8. Purchasing a new car
  9. Purchasing a used car
  10. Leasing a new car
  11. Leasing an apartment
  12. Contracting for office supplies
  13. The purchase of an office building
  14. The contracting for company healthcare services
  15. Contracting for a fleet of company owned cars
  16. Contracting for a service agreement for a new car
  17. Contracting for insurance for a new appliance
  18. Contracting for a new roof for a home
  19. Outsourcing of a customer service division
  20. Purchasing of a new cell phone and a service plan
  21. Contracting for new windows for a home
  22. Contracting for new car insurance
  23. Purchasing life insurance
  24. Purchasing a new air conditioner/heater (HVAC system) for a home or business
  25. Purchasing a new boat
  26. Purchasing membership in an exclusive club/resort/timeshare

Week 4 DQ 2: Risk Factors in Contracts

 Source Selection (Graded)

Class: Read the “Peach Computer Company” Case found in the Case Study Area of Doc Sharing, and discuss the following:

What are the main issues in the case, and how would you begin to resolve them using some of the concepts we have discussed in class?

  • What alternatives are available to resolve the issues?
  • What type of contract incentive (s) could you adopt to make this case more successful and why?
  • Provide an analysis of the four bidders. What are the benefits and disadvantages of each supplier? Which bidder would you select and why?
  • What factors should be considered or addressed in the implementation? How would you implement your recommendation?
  • Do you feel that company politics would have an impact on the selection of the supplier?

PROJ 598 Week 4 Course Project :

PROJ 598 CourseProjec Week 4 Complete RFP

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