Project 1

Need an outline done for my final project. Choose two pollutants in the state of Virginia that is of greatest concern. Below is everything thing that needs to be in the outline.


Need in outline (One sentence under each subtopic will suffice for outline.  If you still need to investigate the subtopic, just note that and/or tell me what you think is relevant under that subtopic.)



1. Topic/title



2. Brief history of your locality (Virginia)



3. Potential point and nonpoint sources (please remember to identify largest source for those air pollutants with data)



4. Explanation of why your locality is concerned about these pollutants



5. Sampling and analysis of one pollutant



6. Identification of meteorological events that must be accounted for in managing this local air quality



7. Discussion of relevant local and federal regulations for these air pollutants


8. Discussion of regulatory strategies for these pollutants




9. At least two reliable references for your final project topic, with notes on where what other resources you will explore


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