Explore the topic??What??Would It Take to Combat Homelessness in America, at leastone of its causes, and a potential solution. Provide proof that this problem exists and has potential to be solved.

Begin by stating a??thesis that defines the problem, identifies and evaluates at least one aspect of the cause, and offers one potential solution. These three points???problem, cause, and solution???will be used as level I headings for the major parts of the body content.


?????????????????? The paper should be 6-8 pages in length (double-spaced), plus a reference page, and should use a minimum of eight credible sources.

?????????????????? Document and citation formatting should be in conformity with APA Requirements/ formatting.

?????????????????? The research question should be followed by a thesis, which answers the research question by stating a problem, cause, and solution. The thesis can be two sentences long if necessary.