Project Breakdown, Risks and Staffing


APA format, 2000 to 6000 words.


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Continue using the Project Management Plan that you previously submitted. Add the new pertinent information.


Having received feedback from your fellow project managers, you will now proceed with your project planning. You have determined that you need to complete your work breakdown structure (WBS) to the task or lowest level work package as well as identify the resources needed for each lowest level work package, the effort necessary (in staff days) for each of those work packages, and the risks pertaining to each of those work packages. The requirements are as follows:


·         Complete the WBS.


·         For each of the tasks or lowest level work packages, identify the skill area, effort, and number of individuals needed to complete it.


·         Additionally, identify the risks that are associated with each of those tasks or lowest level work packages, and begin to populate whatever tool you intend to use to display the risks with their probability of occurrence and potential impact on the project.


o    The Risk section will contain a list of each of the categories of risk being identified, with a short explanation of the category.


o    A list of risks (by category), their probability of occurrence, and their impact on the project should be included.


o    There should be a graphical or tabular display of the risks, their probable occurrence, and their potential impact on the project.


·         Dependencies that exist between the various tasks or lowest level work packages will be identified at this time.


·         Develop and populate the appropriate sections, subsections, and appendices.


·         This submission will also include the work from Unit 1’s Individual Project.


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