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  • Project title: Develop a system that can ease the sharing of Limited Academic resources among students

    What would a successful delivery of this project look like? 

    The student community across the world has increased significantly over the last two decades. The resources at their disposal have remained so few, something that calls for the world to create a platform where students can share the limited resources. In light of this experience, technology has come to the rescue of student’s s most of the information is now available online. 

    The only problem is that majority of the students and tutors are not able to access the information from the web due to the differences in the level of their technological know-how. In my opinion, we could create a site that can allow students across the world to be in constant communication with each other. It will be called “SudentConnect.Com”. As opposed to other social media platforms, membership will be restricted to students only whom are undertaking higher education. Resources will be at the disposal of everyone who is a member, who shall be assigned log in details like the other social media platforms. Discussions shall be purely academic and those that come up with irrelevant discussions will be removed from the platform by the admins who will be monitoring the discussions at all times. A success delivery of StudentsConnect.Com will see students from lesser developed countries where the quality of education is considered low due to unavailability of resources access quality learning materials from their counterparts in developed countries where resources are available. Tutors will also have it easy as the students who are better academically endowed will help their colleagues. The tutors will come in from time to time where the students are stranded. Books, exam past papers and other academic resources are among the things that will be widely shared on the platform in addition to academic related discussions. 

    Why do you think this project would be interesting to pursue? 

    There is no doubt that pursuing this project will be interesting. We will be seeking to connect students from all corners of the world, irrespective of their color, background or race so long as they have access to internet. It will be a way of streamlining globalization as well. 




Initial prioritized product backlog:


There is no requirement on specific format, but this should also be approximately 1 page in length. At a minimum the backlog should:

  • Include a prioritized / rank order list of features (you can also use the term “user stories”) that you plan to implement.

  • Have a title for each backlog item.

  • Have a brief description for each backlog item that indicates success criteria.

  • You can use a spreadsheet to build this list, a table in a document, or export from an Agile project management tool (like CA Agile Central, Jira, etc.).




Tutoring for different majors or different classes (online)

Face to face communication

Offer different notes from classes,exercises, and examples


Forms for different classes ( questions , Ideas )

Used Books sharing ( cheap prices )



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