Quest Narrative Paper

The Assignment has two parts.


Part I: You will compose a quest narrative from your life. You may write this as a letter to another person considering the same quest. You will aim to tell the person your story and call him or her to action as well. You should be writing this as a leader who wishes to inspire the person reading your narrative.


This narrative may be about your return to acquire your degree. The narrative should have objectives, and should give the reader a sense of the impact of your journey — both on yourself and those around you.


Draw a connection between your journey. You may have taken action without thinking it through, but take this opportunity to analyze the decision as a part of self-awareness, finding your potential, and becoming inspired to improve your situation.


What may be the impact of that inciting action and your efforts to go on the quest? Do include the highs and the lows of that quest along with insight into why you kept moving toward your goal.


Instead of a letter, you could write the narrative as a poem, a dialogue, or a work of creative fiction. However, the work must be an original composition for the Assignment, related to your own experience, and offering a call to action toward a reader.


You should employ at least two of the concepts from the assigned reading on literature, such as a metaphor, image, symbol, irony, and diction.


The narrative must be at least 1 page, but can be longer.


Part II: In at least 500 words, you will evaluate the narrative from above.


  1. Explain how you used the two concepts of literature in creating your narrative. Use and cite the text to explain each concept that was used, and to explain how you interpreted and employed this concept in your narrative.
  2. Clarify for the reader how you demonstrated leadership in your call to action for the reader. How did you organize the ideas? How did you communicate your vision, and what techniques of persuasion did you use? What are the objectives of this vision? How can you measure success in the impact of the narrative? Consider the impact of this narrative on those who may need it. What will it help them to discover about uncovering their own potential as a human being? Why would a narrative be an effective way to call another person to self-reflection and change?
  3. Reflect on telling the story and the process of writing Part I. Was it a difficult process? What helped you to get inspired? What made you tell this particular story?

USE ONLY ACADEMIC SOURCES: Use Google Scholar, JSTOR, textbooks, and/or .gov websites to keep the true academic sources in your papers. TURNITIN MUST BE UNDER 20%

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