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quiz for kim woods

1.      Define and provide two examples of embedded operating systems.



2.      What are the four factors that drive operating system design?



3.      List and define the three basic interfaces enabled by the operating system.



4.       How do computer systems minimize memory fetches?



5.      Describe the difference between assemblers, compilers and interpreters.



6.       What is a transaction manager?



7.      List and define the properties of a transaction.



8.      What is a Java Virtual Machine?



9.      What is the purpose of an In-circuit Emulator (ICE)?



10.  What is an I/O subsystem? Provide three examples of an I/O subsystem.



11.  What is the difference between parallel and serial data transmission?





12.  What is the difference between rigid and solid state drives?



13.  Describe the purpose of an interrupt.



14.  Describe how multiple I/O devices are connected to the CPU.



15.  What are characteristics of a bus?



16.  Cloud Computing is used as a means to provide off-site computing power to an organization. Describe the three main types of Cloud Computing platforms.



17.   What is the purpose of the control unit in a channel architecture?  What type of computer generally uses this approach?



18.  What are the computer system requirements for handling I/O devices?



19.  What are the four pieces of data required for CPU to initiate a DMA (Direct Memory Access) transfer?



20.  List and describe the three addressing modes.


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