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Reaction time introduction paragraphs with 8 references and intext citations for 8 references in APA format!

This is only the introduction section assignment!!! Other sections are due at a later date on this paper and will be posted later!!!!!?? Paper is on reaction time!

The hypothesis is:It is hypothesized that men will have a faster reaction time in a simple reaction time task than women regardless of age.


You will need at least 8 references to support the information you provide in your introduction (see the paper rubric for more specific information). Do not forget that your reference section (and the internal citations) need to be in APA format.?? All references need to have intext citations as well in APA format! Please do this and do not plagiarize!!!


I recommend writing the introduction in a way that lets the reader know what you are planning on doing. Think about using the standard 5 paragraph essay set up (of course you can write more than 5 paragraphs if needed). Paragraph 1:??Tell me what you are going to tell me??(brief introduction to this section); Paragraph 2: Tell me??(this is the bulk of your introduction); Paragraph 3:??Tell me what you told me??and what to expect in the rest of your paper. In the final paper, your hypothesis will go at the end of this paragraph.

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